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Who we are

Evolve Academy is a secondary, independent, co-ed day school situated in Bergvliet in the Western Cape. Our students benefit from the Cambridge curriculum, which includes Lower Secondary, IGCSE and AS level (2025). With a focus on individual attention, we pride ourselves on a small classroom environment. We strongly believe in the holistic development of the child where curiosity, environmental sustainability and critical thinking are woven into all subject areas.

“The art and science of asking questions
is the source of all knowledge.”
Thomas Berger

Our Why

We create a space for confident, connected, curious young leaders to emerge… to rethink the challenges of their time in meaningful ways whilst showing compassion and respect for all.

What we offer

A unique learning environment where students find themselves and thrive.

Academic rigour

Qualified, passionate teachers setting and supporting high standards with enrichment and practical applications.

Cambridge Curriculum

Globally acclaimed curriculum nurturing curiosity, emphasising subject mastery and cultivating cognitive skills.

Kind Community

A close-knit, caring community that welcomes and values individuality and celebrates personal development.

Global Citizenry

Playing an active role in the broader community to make our planet more peaceful, sustainable and equitable.

Our Values

What our students say

“I really like the environment and the diversity of our community in this school. Everyone is extremely helpful and encouraging of growth. The educating is also fully comprehendible and open to discussion.”
“It has been 3 years since I joined the high school and I have enjoyed every minute of my experience. The people are nice and the environment is very welcoming. The teachers are understanding and see where you need help and they will try and help fix any problems we have.”
“I moved to this school in grade 7 and I immediately felt welcomed. My academic and mental performance has increased greatly since then. I am so grateful for the teachers and friends I have made. Everyone is inclusive and helpful, no one is left behind.”
“Within the last few years that I have attended this school, I have always felt certainty and dependability within the people and the inclusive environment around me. This high school is a great place to improve your academic ability, with significant help from the students and teachers.”
“Ever since I moved to the middle school, I immediately started loving coming to school more and more each day. The environment is comfortable and open, if there are any problems, they will be addressed instantly. My personal confidence and academic development has improved immensely throughput the years. This school has truly made an impact on my life and I thoroughly enjoy being here."
“Moving to this school has been an amazing experience for me and I have learnt many things from coming here. It has been an adjustment for me to get used to the campus and the way things are, but the longer I have been here the more I have learnt to love every bit of this school. The teachers here are brilliant and do not only care about academic performance, but also about our well-being.”

Our Vision

Inspiring global citizens in a resilient, compassionate community, where individuality is cherished, voices are heard, and character is built through a stimulating, adaptive learning environment.

Our Mission

To create an enriching learning environment, nurturing curious, engaged students with critical thinking, problem-solving, and environmental stewardship skills.

We foster resilience, empathy, and individuality, ensuring voices are heard while preparing our students to address complex societal and environmental challenges with innovative solutions.

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